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The Journey So Far... from My wonderful slave D :D

After taking the first nervous and tentative steps into the world of femdom, I started on a journey that has been really enriching and hugely enjoyable. I have been so lucky in having the opportunity to meet and session with some truly inspirational ladies.

The real highlight of the journey, has been the honour and privilege of meeting Mistress Courtney. She is a professional, beautiful, intelligent and warm person. She creates a safe, sane and consensual environment to explore all your kinks and fantasies. But as soon as the collar is on and the session starts Mistress will show her beautiful sadistic streak, she will make your cock shiver, your bottom quiver and your nipples tingle with anticipation of what Mistress has planned for your most vulnerable parts. Mistress owns them all!!! You can beg, plead and give those sad eyes but your cock will always give you away. You can't hide anything from Mistress!!! Nothing is safe from Mistress's sadistic streak!!!

I have been lucky enough to session with Mistress Courtney for about 2 years, the old cliche is time flies when you are having fun! Under Mistress's expert guidance, the sessions have covered CBT, electrics, pegging, nipple play, boot/foot worship and sounds to name a few. They always say variety is the spice of life!!! The latest adventure was an introduction to CP where I was introduced to whips, canes and paddles, with Mistress using her incredible skills to paint pretty red patterns, with my back and bottom as her canvas. If Mistress was in a political party, she would be the Chief Whip and every vote would be a three-line whip on your back and bottom!!! It was a truly challenging but enjoyable experience.

I am so grateful to have Mistress Courtney as my expert guide on this journey, I couldn't have asked for a better teacher. her dedication and hard work to plan sessions should never be taken for granted and I thank her for giving me some of the most enjoyable and painful experiences to remember.

To Be Continued......

Written by slave D for Miss Courtney

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