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Welcome to the
Acre Of Correction 

My country escape of a dungeon is ONLY accessible if you drive - you are not able to get to My play space via taxis or public transport. It is nestled in the middle of nowhere, nobody around to hear your screams. The Acre Of Correction is just that - an acre of land holding dungeons and prison cells with outdoor play space. 

The dungeon is booked with filming and regular subs. Occasionally I have days with availability (more so in the spring and summer months). I only have SET DATES available at the Acre of Correction and last minute appointments are NOT an option. 

You may apply to be on a waitlist for open dates. Please note I ONLY take sessions that I want to do here. Your application must contain all the required information on the contact page and be well thought out. This is My sanctuary, My place of play and fun. Only the best are invited. 


30 minutes: £150 

1 hour: £250

1.5 hours: £360

2 hours: £450

3 hours: £650

4 hours: £850

Overnight: From £1500
Prison Stays: £2500 


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