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Ive taken the time to write down all those little questions you may have and the answers. Do ensure you read the below thoroughly before booking a session. Ofcourse you may contact Me with any further questions. 

What should I call you?

Calling Me babe or hun or love will get you nowhere. I also rather detest being called Courtney, yes, that is my name but we are not friends nor am I your girlfriend, mother, sister, wife – whether you are submissive or not, it is respectful to approach a Dominatrix in the appropriate way. 

You can always guarantee safety with ‘Mistress’ , 'Miss',  ‘Miss Courtney’ or ‘Mistress Courtney’.

How do I book a session?

Firstly read through My website, there is plenty of information on here, infact everything you need to know is pretty much here. Then, you need to fill in my consultation form on my Contact page. If you can provide possible dates and times for your preferred session time please do add them.

If you wish to use a false name, this does not bother Me and I will probably not notice, even if you change names every time you see Me! 

Manners mean everything, A well mannered person will do well with me. Do your research – know what you want and what I offer. Politeness is required at all times. Of course novices and inexperienced persons will have questions. I am happy to answer them but after you have at least read my website ;)

Emails, calls and texts:

There is no need to send countless emails and texts or call 5 times in the space of 3 minutes. I will answer when I have a chance. Harassment will not earn you any points. Do not be a pest. Text or email is My preferred method of contact. I will aim to respond to your email as soon as I can. Unfortunately I cannot always gurantee a response within 72 hours. 

I do NOT accept phone calls unless you have booked a phone chat via email.

Text contact times: 10am to 7pm, email any time! 

Working hours:

My days off vary, sometimes I will take a Sunday off, other times it will be a weekday.  I offer sessions 7 days a week, 10am to 9pm.

What is the tribute?

The cost of a session and/or dinner dates/cashdrops/shopping spree's etc can be viewed here

I am worried about privacy and do not want to be seen at the Dungeon.

Do not worry, the Dungeon is out of sight, completely discreet and there is plenty of space to park.  You will not see any other subs/males whilst in the Dungeon. I take your privacy concerns very seriously and will never give out any information.  Client confidentiality is key. I am a professional Dominatrix, you personal life is of no interest to Me. I am here to take you away from reality for a few hours then send you back to wherever you came from. :)

Do you offer discounts or shorter sessions?

A simple NO. 

Will you do an outcall?

Possibly. I am very fussy with who I offer outcalls with. You may apply via My website to be considered.

Be realistic boys..

Yes, we all fantasize about our ultimate D/s relationship but you need to remember:

I have a home life that will not include you. When I have ‘home days’ this means it will be unlikely that I will contact you.

No, I will not marry you or run off with you. I will never have sex with you. Mr Courtney keeps Me well satisfied, no I am not looking for another husband. 

Your appearance is not important to Me but do remember your PERSONAL HYGIENE! ++ Telling Me how good looking you are is most likely going to result in you being blocked. This will not win you any 'brownie points', True submission is not about how you look but how you act! This is not a date and your appearance is of no interst to Me, neither is the size of your cock, unless its tiny and then I will take great pleasure in laughing at it ;) 

If we are out in public and it looks as though I bump into someone I know, you will be expected to walk away. As I would if we met someone you know.

I live too far from You, can we have an online session?

I work online via AdultWork and Skype; I can accommodate most session types.  I also have subs around the world who pay tribute for tasks and My time online. 

Do you have a male slave available for sessions or custom clips?

Yes, I have various subs available for your needs. Forced-bi sessions can be fun but there needs to be a certain amount of planning involved so do book in advance. A deposit will be required. For custom clips the tribute will be at a higher rate.

Can I buy Your used stockings, shoes or underwear?

Yes, drop me an email.

Can I buy You dinner or presents?

I charge a different rate for My time outside of the Dungeon when accepting dinners. For shopping trips, expect to spend at least £500. I will not meet you at My house or yours and any 'trip' will be taken under My terms. Go to My wishlist page to see what I like. I love gifts – they bring such a smile to my face!

What will my session be like or what will it involve?

If I told you in-depth details of what to expect there would be no point in you attending the session. You could sit at home, imagine it and have a play with yourself. Just know My sessions are carefully planned in advance to accommodate your desires while providing Me with entertainment. I never agree to taking on sessions that I think I will not enjoy – I do not want to waste your time, money and my efforts. I will only say yes to a session if I think we can have some FUN together :)

Can I touch you, Mistress?

Unless I give you permission, NO, you may not, at any time. I do NOT offer intimate body worship (NO pussy, asshole or breast worship), adult baby play, farting, hard sports or armpit worship. 

Take your punishment and move on.

So like in all relationships, there will be times when you may displease your Mistress, do not sulk or ignore Me. Exchange words, a punishment will be set if need be and we will move on. I do not have the time or patience to sit and let things be drawn out. The same will be expected if you fail to do something or forget an instruction - get it out in the open and let’s get over it!

++ Personal Hygiene: 

Showers are available at the dungeon if you feel you need to freshen up then please let me know before you arrive so I can arrange for this.

If you are booking an anal or strap-on session please read through this: 
If you are unclean, I will end the session and you will be asked to leave with no refund. There is no excuse for bad anal hygiene – if you have concerns then please speak to me about them.

A final note: I am very picky about who I see. I am not a Dominatrix becuase it is good money (yes, this is a bonus), but becuase I enjoy and love dominating men. Exploring different forms of BDSM and meeting different people. I want to ensure I will always love what I do and that means only accepting sessions I feel I will enjoy and be able to provide you with an enjoyable service at the same time. So, when it comes to contacting me, think about what you want, write a full message with plenty of information (one liners will be deleted) and be honest about your desires so that together, we can make those dreams a reality!

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