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The Acre of Correction
Prison Stays  
there is no-one around to hear your cries...

The prison cells are open, lets plan your visit. Nestled in the middle of nowhere, there is no-one around to hear your cries or screams. The "pit" is cold and will be used to punish naughty slaves. The prison cell can be tailored to incorporate a mattress or blankets on the floor. Bucket is provided for your toilet needs. you will need to empty this as part of your training. Dungeon and slave training time will be in the fully equipped dungeon or outside in the grounds. 

Upon arrival, you will be strip searched, all your belonging taken away and you will be hosed down. 

1030   Arrive and settle in

11-1     Strip search, hand over personal belonging, slave training

1-3       Downtime shackled in cell

3-5       Dungeon play time

5-7        Cell time

7-9        slave training

9-10      Downtime (shower, email if required)

10-8     Caged for sleep

8-10     Final session

1030    Depart by car

£2500 for the above experience. Prison stays can be tailored to your fantasy and tribute adjusted accordingly.


To discuss go to the CONTACT page and follow the instructions. 

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