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To apply for a session, send am email with the following required information: 

Phone Number:
Preferred session location:
Outfit Request: 
Are you able to be marked: 
Have you visited a Mistress before: 

Introduce yourself, your kinks, limits and experience within the BDSM world. The more information the better your application. 

Health conditions: 
Are you happy for image to be taken during the session:
Do you have any safety requirements for the session: 
How are you travelling to the premises: 

I look forward to reading about your BDSM journey and seeing if our interests match! your initial  is how I determine if I will accept your booking request so do ensure you fill in all the information required. 

Final Note: I am very picky about who I see. I am not a Dominatrix becuase it is good money (yes, this is a bonus), but becuase I enjoy and love dominating men. Exploring different forms of BDSM and meeting different people. I want to ensure I will always love what I do and that means only accepting sessions I feel I will enjoy and be able to provide you with an enjoyable service at the same time. So, when it comes to contacting me, think about what you want, write a full message with plenty of information (one liners will be deleted) and be honest about your desires so that together, we can make those dreams a reality!

Please note I do NOT take calls. you may text to confirm receipt of form via 07778410830. Otherwise please wait to hear from Me. I will respond as soon as I can but do bare in mind if I am busy this can sometimes take a few days and up to 2 weeks if I am away. Feel free to send a second email after 1 week to see if your email has gone into the spam folder. 

Best Wishes,
Mistress Courtney xx

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