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your wallet is My playground

your journey begins today - the first step to becoming My slave, owned and collared to Me, your wallet and its contents to be Mine. I know you are aching to hand it all over to Me.

I love to build a rapport with My subjects, get to know them, I WANT to know them, to be able to get into their delicious minds. I want to know how you feel as I drain you, take everything, leave you with nothing. I love counting your cash as I stare into your eyes, I get such a thrill from your total submission. 

Games are fun - who doesn't love playing games? I have plenty of them - spin the wheel of misfortune, Twitter games, cruel dice determines and many more - delicious, devious ways to extract your bank balance. The only way someone like you could turn Me on is by handing over everything you own... make yourself worth to Me.


There are various ways to worship your Mistress. Some choose gifts, others attend real time sessions and others enjoy the thrill of giving their hard earned cash to his Goddess. Submitting their all to Her, giving up his fun to ensure She is pleased at all times. So spoil Me today and Ill show you what its like to be under the control of a beautiful GODDESS.


£100 tribute to start the contract and to cover my time drawing it up 


Weekly payments as a minimum requirement


I add 5-10% weekly fees onto contracts of the owed weekly amount if you wish to engage with me during the week. 2% fee for just sending on the day. If the final amount is going towards an item a fee will be added to cover My time moving the funds to bank accounts to save for said item. 


Full amount can be determined by a twitter RT game, you can pick an item to buy for me for example shoes, or you can offer up an amount. 


Debt contract play is run via WhatsApp only. 

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