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Your application has been accepted. What next?


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So I have accepted your application, so now what?


Once your I have accepted your booking We will then discuss a date and time which is appropriate from both of Us. I will then book the dungeon and the slot will be assigned to you (lucky boy!). 


you will text before 9.30 am to confirm you have not forgotten about our appointment. This confirms your session for the day. It confirms you have not forgotten our appointment and that both of us are well, no colds, flu, stomach bugs. If you do not conifrm, your session and deposit will be lost, the full tribute will be required to rebook. You will knock on the door at your appointment time on the dot. 

Do not text 15, 20, 30 minutes before the session saying you have arrived - I will not be ready for you. I keep to strict timings so if We agree 2pm, then I will be ready at 2pm for you. 

Exercise discretion when arriving at the premises, enter quietly and quickly.


Will you see any other slaves? Absolutely NOT! This is why I have strict rules on arrival and departure times from the dungeon - I do not want you to bump into anyone and they do not want to bump into you. 

No matter how many times you have visited Me, always remember the above so that there are no incidents which result in stern words from Me. Or maybe forget them - I love dishing out a good telling off! 


When you arrive, We will sit and have an informal chat regarding the session and I will show you around. Remember to have your tribute ready, in its envelope, which you can hand to Me with a kiss on the shoe, a bow or a nervous giggle depending on your headspace. you will have the opportunity to use the loo and shower if you would like to. 

The session will commence: I tailor each session to YOUR individual likes and limits and then add My own twist onto it. you are here to serve Me after all. I will never add an activity to the play that is in your limits list or out of your comfort zone depending on your experience level. you will always be given a safe word to use and the offer to have a moment, use the loo or have a some water throughout the session is always an option. I want you to be comfortable and feel safe in the environment. 

After the session you will be given a towel and offered a shower. IF time permits We will have a coffee but usually We will have a chocolate or a biscuit and a little chat so that I feel happy you are ready to leave the dungeon and get back to the 'real' world. I Love feedback after a session and hearing how you enjoyed our time together. 


No photos or videos will be taken in the session UNLESS I have your permission. Most of My sessions remain anonymous and 'off' social media - this is not a problem. I have designated slaves who are happy for Me to take photos/videos and use them on social networks. 

If you want PRIVATE and PERSONAL memories from Our session, let Me know in an email beforehand and We can discuss. 

If you wish to have images and videos of Our session published, I will now be initiating the model release form. It is a short form where you 'give Me permission' (haha) legally to use the images with your face in them or if you have specific tattoos that can be recognisable to others.  This saves Me in the future, if you decide to become a priest for example, having to trawl through social media to take down any evidence of your debaucherous time with Me!

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