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Corporal Punishment

CP is art...

WE all need discipline in our lives at some point it provides structure to a relationship. 


OTK – Come over My knee 


Spanking Is one of the first activities I would introduce a ‘newbie’ who is wishing to build CP into their lives. OTK refers to Over the Knee – yes you will come over My Knee and I will use My hand and various implements to warm your bottom. It is a very person position with a lot of body contact but for the participant, it is a very vulnerable position, nothing is hidden! Everyone is different – some feel it a safe and erotic position, while others find it humiliating




Just that – crops used within the equestrian world. A beautiful reminder of your place or a sensual tap to show where worship may be given. 




Towards the end of the 19th century, Scotland introduced the use of the belt (tawse) into educational systems as a form of punishment. It was then banned in state schools in 1987. The tawse is a leather strap which can be a single strap or with several tails (usually two or three). They range in a variety of ‘heaviness’ which will in turn be easier or harder to take. The tawse traditionally was used on bare bottoms but has been known to have an equally nasty feeling on the hands and soles of the feet. 




A whip with multiple tails. An implement I would use for beginners, those who cannot be marked (lighter floggers) and as a warmup for harsher punishment. Although I do have some subs who just love the flogger! Flogging is very sensual when used in a certain way.




Hairbrushes go hand in hand with OTK and are a wonderful tool and when used with the correct level of force can bring someone to tears in an instant. Paddles can come in either wood or leather materials (some cheaper options too like pleather) but they are not for the faint hearted. They pack a real punch and can have the most wonderful THWACK sound. 




Whips again come in a variety of shapes and sizes. Some of My favourite whips are the single tail whip and a leather whip I have from the OWK. The exciting thing about whipping is the sound of the whip CRACK. With the right amount of force and speed, a whip can produce a toe tingling crack – a reminder to behave! 




One of My favourite activities. Used as disciplinary measures in schools and even some societies today, the cane is meant to be feared. Traditionally canes are made of rattan although I do have others made of fibreglass, leather and plastics. Thinner canes can potentially cause more pain than thicker ones as land on a smaller level of surface on a person’s skin. Although I find someone’s preference to thickness of cane to be completely individual. 


Corporal punishment and a person’s ability to take it comes down to headspace and breathing (deep and slow). Trust is very important as it allows the ‘bottom’ to fully melt into the perfect headspace to take the discipline. This comes with time and is a beautiful journey to go on. The end being complete and total sub space – a floaty/spacey feeling due to endorphins, dopamine and serotonin created from the play. The three are hormones which promote pleasure, happiness and love – all happy feelings! 


CP sessions can be role play based for example teacher and naughty student or simply Mistress and slave spaces. They must be safe, sane and consensual. Any health conditions must be made clear before a session and safe words are provided. 

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