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Ill torment your mind, body and soul

CBT or cock and ball torture is something I take great happiness from. There is nothing more satisfying than feeling a pair of testis move in My hand or to see a beautiful bruise appear on the head of the cock from My mini cock cane. I offer extreme forms of CBT like electrics, needles, fishhooks, cock/ball nailing and sounding. All items are sanitised to ensure We play safely. 


Ballbusting is a firm favourite of Mine. There is nothing more exciting than holding your delicate little sacs in My hand and watching as squirm, praying they’ll be intact when Im done (ofcourse they will be…)


Now let’s pair CBT with bondage – the inability to move and complete vulnerability to your Mistress. Giving complete control to me, you will be putty in My hands. I love creating predicament situations where one move pulls at your nipples and another pulls at your cock. 


Bondage: being unable to move, unable to escape the punishment that is coming your way. Be it a body bag, straight jacket, ropes or My favourite leather straps, Ill create a position for you to never quite be comfortable. Although what was ever gained from life through comfort? 


Nipple Play: I love finding cruel and unusual ways to torment your nipples. It’s a form of play that does not usually leave any marks so for those who are unable to be marked it is a wonderful way to administer pain. I love the idea of you walking around for hours or days after, your nipples tingling every time your shirt brushes against them. A constant reminder of where I have been… 


Humiliation: there are so many forms of humiliation that when you r4quest this form of play, I require a lay out of the types of humiliation you will enjoy. For example, some of My favourite forms of humiliation are: SPH (small penis humiliation), CEI (cum eating instruction) or chastity play (orgasm control). Although humiliation can be subjective as what one person finds humiliating, another may find erotic! 


Trampling: being in your ightful place beneath Me as I walk all over you. Barefoot or in shoes. Maybe even dirty ones you need to clean in order to get a rest from being a carpet. 


Medical Play: There are so many areas to medical play but the main activites within this category I offer are needles, C/B nailing, breathplay, fisting, electrics  and sounding. Nurse will see you now to check to ensure your body is functioning correctly and that you work! 

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