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Sensual Domination

Worship Me...

While I do not offer intimate body worship I do so enjoy teasing you with My body and clothing. I see worship as a beautiful reward for My long suffering slaves. Punishment and reward go hand in hand, there will always be one where the other lurks in the background waiting to pounce…


My wardrobe is filled with the ost beautiful items. Latex, satin, leather, PVC, nylon; the list is endless. Lets not forget to mention My rather delectable wardrobe of luxury shoes. Every style possible to make a shoe bitch weak at the knees. Red bottom sole Louboutins mixed with sharp blade Casadei heels in nearly everycolour you can imagine. When I was 16 I went to New York with My parents. My father bought a large keyboard (piano) and had to carry the actual keyboard on the plane as the case was filled with shoes. Ever since I was a teenager, My love of shoes has been most prominent. 


Now we mix those shoes with delicate FFS stockings, sexy suspender belts and exquisite lingerie – a vision to make your mouth water. Corsets, gloves, dresses, skirts, blouses, leather trousers, jodhpurs, the list is endless. Your Dominatrix vision will be brought to life and I am very happy to have requests. With such a large array of clothes, it is sometimes easier to know someone is turned on by leather or boots over heels. Although I will ultimately wear what I like!


Feet: My feet are tiny. Depending on the brand I fit into a size UK2-UK3 (Eu35-EU35.5). They have a weekly pedicure (timed with My manicure) and My fingers and toes are always a delicious red. I do not have sweaty or smelly feet so unfortunately that fantasy is not one I can accommodate but to have My little toes in your mouth is more than heavenly. 


Legs: Silky smooth legs for you to beg to caresss. I go to the gym most days so am always in need of a massage and will instruct you as to what I like amd how to do it. I have a passion for stockings so love wearing a pair of shiny, soft nylons that youll be allowed to kiss and worship. Youll have never felt something softer on your lips… 


Smothering: Now as you lie beneath My beautiful bottom (clothed ofcourse), desperate to taste, youll ofcourse be denied. You are not allowed that privilege but I take great pleasure in smothering you, making you smell me, begging for more and laughing as you are left breathless and always wanting more


Anal Play: Being apart of the Midlands StrapOn Parties, I have a huge selction of cocks. Small ones for beginners and gigantic ones for bum sluts. Ready to strap My dick on and slide deep inside of you. I do require a squeaky clean hole to plough – you can ensure cleanliness by following this link:


Orgasm Control: I have plent of magic wands and milking machine which I use to torment your cock with. If you amuse Me or make Me happy then I will absolutely consider giving you an orgasm but do you really deserve one? 

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