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A slaves OWK experience

Thank you Miss Courtney for giving me permission to write about my experiences during the O.W.K Filming Days and the Spanking Day that immediately followed. It is a great honor for me. It is an even greater honor to have been allowed to serve as your slave for your films! However, one thing at a time: Briefly to me: I am a German slave, a Public Regional Slave of the WOMANIA EMPIRE and visited the O.W.K. the very first time. Accordingly, I was very excited (and also a little scared) when I arrived there on Thursday. A State Slave welcomed me, showed me my room and I had the opportunity to have a look at the O.W.K.. Unimaginable! Pictures you usually only see on the web or in magazines are suddenly reality. Tangible reality! Before my visit I had already contacted Miss Courtney. I knew about her preference and experience with chastity and asked if it would be possible to lock myself in a chastity cage for the days before and during filming. Honestly, I did not expect an answer and was all the more surprised by the quick and charming response. Long story short: a month before filming, I was locked (and still am). Then, on Saturday, Miss Courtney arrived! While I had been eagerly waiting for her, I had not caught the moment as I was filming with Miss SinPiedad. At the end of the day, I entered the PUB to eat my supper. Open the door and - WOW! I catch sight of Miss Courtney who is incredibly charming (I can't think of a good word, my English is not good enough) calling into the room "Hey, who is that guy?" I quickly reply. Miss Courtney gets up from the table, comes up to me and stands very close to me - I can look into her beautiful eyes. She speaks very friendly and checks with one hand if I am really still locked. Her second hand grips one of my nipples, which stand out lustfully on my clothes. I moan softly with pleasure and only suspect at this moment that Miss Courtney has noticed. She uses my nipples as one of her toys for the next few days. And she makes abundant use of her toy! We eat together, talk to each other, it is a very pleasant and friendly atmosphere, the air crackles with eroticism, but my previous fears are gone. In this night I sleep restlessly, the chastity cage contributes a lot. We start shooting. The first film is a schoolroom scene with lots of Corporal Punishment. Again I'm excited, I don't know how much pain I can take. But hey Boys! It's incredible. This petite, beautiful woman stands in front of the class and explains in absolutely calm terms how the shoot will go with Miss Courtney. I have some experience with professional ladies (also from video productions), but I have never experienced anything like this. She takes away ALL your fears with a few short sentences. In this film I receive blows with the riding crop in "Bend over!" position. After the first few blows I know, "I WANT to suffer! Suffer for Miss Courtney! More Miss Courtney, please more!"

Miss Courtney is very responsible. SIe knows that she still wants to use you and your body for the next few days and is accordingly careful with her implements so that you do not have too many marks.

It's the same in the other movies. Whipping, caning, nettling, nippletorture, worshipping, ballbusting.... Miss Courtney is very specific in dealing with each of her slaves directly and according to their mutual inclinations, and makes some of us ask to expand our personal limits. Everything can be tried together BEFORE filming.

Seeing this beautiful woman in her elegant clothes makes not only feteschists happy. Her sight makes you proud to serve this woman.

What impresses me the most: Miss Courtney is a great manager! She manages her team (cameraman, photographer, slaves) as a team that wants to achieve something together and one of Miss Courtney's biggest goals is that everyone, really everyone has fun! But Miss Courtney tops it, she is extremely punctual and well organized, always has a plan, yet is flexible. She clocks in minutes! "Ok, let me have some minutes, we see us again in 4 minutes!" And 4 minutes means 4 minutes! Remember I am a German and we are notorious for our punctuality. Miss Courtney beats us all! The Filming Days are days I will never forget and I'm sure I will apply for the next Filming Days - if Miss Courtney is there. The spanking day follows. I am even more excited. Miss Courtney is the Executrix, and the rule is that all spankings are done with maximum severity. Certainly being whipped by Miss Courtney was one of my favorite fantasies, but in reality, as we all know, some things feel a little different. And after all, I wished that the wheel of misfortune would be turned 5 times for me.... Oh my goddess, was I crazy? Again I am taught better: Miss Courtney is able to "read" your body. She senses your limits and when Miss Courtney hits you, you want to be taken to them. And that means "maximum hardness". Miss Courtney takes her time, lots of time! Makes pauses, lets you breathe and excites you. She lets you look into her eyes and then you just want to suffer for this stunning woman. Want to feel pain and enjoy every single blow. After the punishment she takes everyone in her arms, catches them. I have tears in my eyes during the 170 strokes with the official O.W.K cane, but they are tears of happiness, I am flying so high. Miss Courtney sees the tears and I feel like I have nothing to be ashamed of. Now that a few days have passed a first conclusion: I know many Femdom Ladies, but none is like Miss Courtney. She is authentic, very experienced and approachable. She loves what she does. Miss Courtney makes it easy for slaves to serve her, simply because you want it. I have so much trust in her and would be proud to serve Miss Courtney as a slave many more times. As proud as I am currently bearing her marks.

I have only known Miss Courtney briefly, but she has become a very valuable and important person in my life


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