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Slave D's assessment

Slave D's self assessment to the wonderful Mistress Courtney

Over the past few years Mistress has been training and improving my submissive/slave skill sets.  Giving me a broad base to develop into a better slave, so I can serve the most beautiful, dominant and incredible Mistress, Mistress Courtney.

  • Boot/Foot Worship:  It is always an honour to be on my knees worshipping Mistress's awesome boots and beautiful feet.  Making sure that I give equal attention to both right and left.  Also to cover every inch of Mistress's boots from the heel to the top.  It is so important to get this activity right, as it sets the tone for submission. 

  • CP:  Mistress has introduced me to whips, canes and my personal favourite the paddle!!!  The feel on the skin, the whip marks on the back, the cane marks on the bottom, are all marks to be worn with pride.  The marks are a symbol that you serve Mistress Courtney.  The ambition is always to take more for Mistress!!!

  • Nipple Play:  Mistress has been training my nipples to take different types of clamps and punishment.  She has toughened them up.  With sensitive nipples Mistress knows how to use them to garner a reaction.

  • Strap On/Anal: This is a long-term project.  Mistress is training me to take bigger cocks.  The ambition is to take a bigger strap on each session.  The ultimate goal is to take as much cock as Mistress wants me to take!!!

  • CBT: One of the most fun and challenging aspects of my sessions.  Mistress has used spikey gloves, spikey cock rings, elastic bands, sounds and electrics.  The ambition is to work on sounds to be able to take the bigger rods for Mistress.  Mistress always marks my cock to remind me who owns it!!!

  • CEI: If Mistress lets me cum it is only right that I clean my mess up.  Mistress had a special task for me in the last session, making me cum onto her strap on and then suck it clean!!!  This helped to take my cock sucking skills to a new dimension!!!

  • There are always new skills to practice and work on.  The latest one is to improve on riding a dildo whilst sucking Mistress's cock, a skill all good slaves should learn!!!  There is always room to improve and plenty to explore.

My Slave verdict is 6 out 10:  Developing but room for improvement to be a better slave.

Thank You Mistress, for being an awesome Mistress, mentor and teacher.  Helping me to explore all my submissive dreams and kinks.  It is always a honour to session and serve you.

I give My slave a verdict of 8/10 - he has grown wonderfully the last few years and continues to grow. I am very pleased with him and love training him at the dungeon! Well done slaveD!

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