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The Acre of Correction is nearly finished!

It has been such a crazy few months. I finally decided to renovated what will be the MAIN dungeon at the Acre of Correction. It needed a new roof and would cost a few pennies so I have been putting it off but thanks to a couple of very good subs, the time came to start the work. April was the month of finishers. The roof was replaced, floor has been screeded and the new laminate floor will be put in the week of the 24th. Then my favourite electrician will come and give us light! Ofcourse there will be a few things that need doing and I am waiting on My very nifty radiators being made and then sent from Germany.

Mr Courtney built a fun outdoor area next to the cells which is so perfect to play in. He is finishing it up with a cell for naughty subs to be locked in. The prison cells had some final touches. Now all is left is to move the original dungeon to the new one, move in all the new furniture and get ready. Mr Courtney will put in the suspension frame to the new dungeon - I am so excited about this and have a beautiful suspension suit ready to go! Its been a dream of Mine to have suspension ever since I filmed at Avalon Residenz in Berlin and finally I will have one!

However the Acre of Correction is open for long stays. I had a very naughty slave visit a few weeks ago for his prison stay which included plenty of corporal punishment and bondage. I even got to use My Scavengers Daughter which I havnt used since I won it at the Femdom Ball a few years go. I love long sessions at the Acre of Correction - I can really lose My self in having someone there to serve Me and who I can play with for hours. I love creating wonderful scenes using all the different areas, both indoor and outdoor. I cannot wait for My next stay at the end of April - let hope the builders don't pop in for anything ;)

So what's next to be built? A couple of cages and cells to be scattered around the garden. Maybe I can send you on a treasure hunt to find them and whichever one you find Ill lock you in!

Check out the new Acre of Correction twitter page: and stay tuned for all the updates!

Have a great weekend,

Lots of Love,

Mistress Courtney xx

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