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A slaves experience...

Mistress Courtney

I have had the honour and privilege of sessioning and serving the beautiful and powerful Mistress Courtney. I am so grateful for her time and effort in providing a truly awesome submissive experience. She is a true professional who puts you at ease and creates a safe and enjoyable environment to explore all the different aspects of the scene. Mistress knows how to guide and encourage you to explore your limits and expand your experiences.

Beginning the Session

There is always a mixture of excitement and nervousness before any session. Arriving at Mistress's new play space added an extra layer of anticipation and excitement. To be greeted by the beautiful mistress and being told that I would be put through my paces added another layer of nervousness. You always want to please Mistress and be the best submissive that you can possibly be. The only thing that matters is pleasing her. Once you are on your knees, naked and humble, Mistress puts the collar on, the only thing that matters is Mistress, the outside world fades into insignificance.

First Task

The first task sets the tone of the session. The privilege to worship the stunning boots that Mistress is wearing. Every inch has to be worshipped. From the top to the heel needs equal attention. This is a true submissive honour, to worship such exquisite boots worn by a beautiful lady.


Mistress always likes to challenge her subs, one of her favourite challenges is electrics. She connects up my cock and balls to her E Stim device and gradually increases the levels of intensity to see how much I can take. I always want to take the absolute maximum to please her. Not content with just the E Stim, Mistress, has a violet wand that she works over my cock. All the way from top to bottom of my genitals, they are never safe with Mistress Courtney!!!

Cock sucking Training

Part of my training is to be a good cock sucking sub. Knelt down on the floor, Mistress dons one of her stap ons and teaches me to be a good cock sucker. New skills are always useful in life and to your Mistress!!


Mistress decided to take my CBT training to the next level. Clothes Pegs were attached to my cock and balls, the game was to see if Mistress could knock them all off with her whip. Unfortunately for me, the pegs stubbornly clung to my cock which made Mistress more determined to knock them off increasing my pain!!!

Mistress also got to use a new ball stretching toy on my balls, which came with some nasty spikes that were strategically placed to cause discomfort. Once the ball stretcher was firmly in place, Mistress put on her spiked gloves to tease and torment my cock. Once she was done with that torment, she introduced a spiked cock ring that fitted around the shaft. Leaving both my cock and balls totally spiked!!!


The next part of my CBT training was to bend over the bench while Mistress attached a humbler to my balls. An instrument that will remove any misplaced masculinity. Mistress also warmed my butt checks with some well-placed spanks. My task was to cruel on my hands and knees to the next room whilst still in the humbler!! Mistress attached the lead to my collar and I crawled into the next room for my butt slut training.

Butt Slut Training

Mistress then put me in the swing and donned the strap on that I had the privilege to suck earlier. There was an extra challenge that awaited me. As Mistress strung my balls up and placed clamps onto my nipples. To warm me up, Mistress, inserted a butt plug and used the wand to tease my hole. Getting ready for Mistress's cock. Once I was ready, her cock was inserted into my hungry hole and Mistress didn't spare my Boi hole!!! I was allowed to cum on the condition that I would eat it all up, I was allowed to cum on the strap on and sucked off all my cum from it.

Awesome Session

It was a truly awesome session that flowed so naturally. That was mostly down to the hard work and planning by Mistress. I always appreciate the time and effort that is put in to make the sessions a unique and enjoyable experiences. I consider myself a very lucky submissive to have had an opportunity to meet and serve such a awesome, beautiful and powerful lady.

A note from Mistress Courtney: Slave D is so wonderful to play with and a wonderfully eager toy who I will take great pleasure in training as the years go by. Here's to some wonderful memories We/we will share xxx

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