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slave D's report

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It is always a true honour to serve Mistress Courtney, she is such a beautiful and powerful mistress. As a submissive who needs guidance in the art of serving a superior being, Mistress is the ultimate trainer and mentor. She will mold you into a useful slave and give meaning to your submission, she will take you to places you could only dream about. I am so honoured to have worshipped at her gorgeous feet and always welcome the opportunity to serve her in whatever way she deems fit. Step into Mistress Courtney's domain and accept your fate and serve the personification of perfection..

Mistress is a perfect mixture of beauty and cruelty, in equal measures. She is the mastermind of your pain and pleasure. She is the judge, jury and enforcer of your pain and ecstasy. Her will, will be your desire, her wish, will be your goal, your pain will be her pleasure.

Mistress is the star at the centre of the solar system and all those inferior celestial bodies praying for an opportunity to be under her divine influence. She is like Venus, the most beautiful planet in the solar system but also the harshest.

Under Mistress's guidance and training I will continue to learn how to serve and to be a useful submissive. Her will and entertainment is all that matters. Once the collar is on Mistress will own you and will decide how she uses you and what slave training is required.

Being at Mistress's feet, ready to serve her is the greatest place to be in the universe.

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