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Busy month of May

May - gosh it was a busy month! It started with an intense training montage with My sub DJ. We took his CP to the next level and tested his servitude in public. Lets just say he did exceptionally well! I got creative and mixed some rather delicious (NOT!) concoctions for My little patient and giggled as I watched him suffer with questionable (but safe) textures on his tongue. Plus My well behaved slave who took his first PEG! And it slipped in like a piece of string in a gaping hole. Last but not least, cocks to be so teased and never released. What else do you expect?

Mr Courtney and I went to the house, accompanied by My Norwegian slave to get started (or finished?) on the prison cells. We moved all the furniture out of the dining room, bathroom and hallways, ready for the new floor. For those of you who have followed My journey with My house, the carpet was at least 20 years old and in desperate need of repair. I am so excited to head back to the house next week and see what My floor man has done. We set up the 'gym room' - being in the middle of nowhere means the closest gym is miles away and I loved having a home gym in lockdown. Prison cells are completed and just waiting for the prison cell doors to arrive - in a week! I am so excited and cant wait to start My lock ups and prison days/filming.

My days are varied with seeing all My treasured subs. Planning fun, creative sessions for them, getting outfits and dungeon rooms ready. I met My overseas subs - New York, Singapore and Holland this month. What will next month bring? I love hearing all the stories of FEMDOM in other countries. Dinner with My collared subs - arnt they lucky? Plenty of Champagne and pasta - yummy.

Then the filming - you know how much I love My filming! Well I filmed with My slave X and made sure he was well and truly marked with My signature. his holes were left trembling and his lips showed a big smile - just how I like it.

This month saw a huge range of new lingerie after My boob job. A massive jump from a 32B to 32E! Luckily for Me I am well spoilt with Honey Birdette by My loved boys. Plus some new perfume added to My cabinet from My sub R. Did I mention My new cane from QUALITY CONTROL?

Travel included a trip to the seaside in Cornwall, My usual trek from London to Hereford (3 hours each way) with My cats in the car - yes they actually love looking out the window in the car!

Im sure Ive forgotten a few things but thats all for now - Im off to bed! Tomorrow is a new day and I am going to get My beauty sleep for a fresh day of torment.

Goodnight all,


Mistress Courtney xxx

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