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Breath Play - I love it!

Posted on Monday 23rd January 2017

Breath Play - bit of a touchy subject for some, a look of confusion for others and for some of you there will be a twinge in your pants. 

So what is it? It is a form of EDGE play that should be conducted ONLY with consenting and responsible/experienced persons as it involves restricting, constricting and controlling a persons intake of air. The lack of oxygen in the brain can cause a build up of carbon dioxide which CAN (not always) result in a happy, floaty, giddy, erotic, pleasurable feeling. There are many ways in which to explore breath play - some less dangerous than others but one thing I always say to every person who requests breath play in a session: DO NOT TRY THIS AT HOME ON YOUR OWN! 
So different types of breath play include holding the sub's nose, smothering (with bottom, bust, arm etc), plastic clear bags, hoods, grasps/choke holds (ie. learnt in Judo), masks, gas masks (we  love) and special breath play equipment. Hanging and choking do come into this category but it is not something I would do as a solo session as I believe you need two persons to ensure everything is under control. Which leads me onto my next point:
Control. As many of you know, I love what I do but there are various forms of play that create that adrenaline rush I so love. Anything that pushes a feeling of control leaves an exhilarating feeling within me. When I first started exploring the BDSM world I remember reading on Wikipedia (yes it is still there) that breath play dates back to the 17th century as a treatment for erectile dysfunction. People started noticing during executions,when hanging that male 'victims' they became erect during the act and remained upright after the deed was done.
Breath play is exhilarating, powerful,terrifying and mind blowing. With the right approach and knowledge (yes, there will always be a risk with everything we do) this experience can be rewarding within the BDSM adventure. When I do engage in a breath play session I can use many things but my Fetters rebreather hood is great. It allows me to see my subjects face, my hand on their chest keeps count of their breathing and my thumb feels the rate of the pulse via the throat, eyes staring, counting the breaths, letting them know how many breaths left until they can take a fresh breath of air, you experience such an intense feeling, sitting here I am finding it difficult to describe... The closeness experienced with that person who puts all their trust in you is humbling and the satisfaction felt when you see the pure enjoyment that person feels when the session comes to an end is mixed with mixed feelings of pride, power and exhilaration.
The main point within breath play is relaxation. Trust is a HUGE factor - if you do not trust the person you are playing with it is highly unlikely that you will be able to relax enough to appreciate and experience those feelings we expect. Slow, calm breathing (do not try and hold your breath even though this can be an instinctive action)  and eye contact are a must. Keeping note of the persons pulse, noting the rise and fall of the chest and ensuring the eyes do not glaze over. Ensure your partner, sub, slave etc is able to interact with you, look at you, respond to you.
When researching the subject one person posted (from a submissives perspective) that the feelings he experienced where pure elation mixed with trepidation, resulting in pure body ecstasy. All the power was in his Mistresses hands (literally) and the mix of the high and his orgasm was something he could never dream of experiencing any other way. There are many Mistresses who will not indulge in the play due to its high risk factors. Another person (darkgracie.com) relates the play to 'heaven'.
Note: I hate to put a downer on something I really enjoy but there are some people who need to be aware of the following:It is dangerous. If you still want to engage in this play then do it safely (or as safely as possible). When starting a breath play session I always point out the risks, and need to be aware of any health risks ie. history of seizures as this may be a reason to discontinue the session, hence my health issues tab on my consultation form. So there is a lot to think about and the info here does not even touch on a small percentage of the risks, warnings and information on the net.... In various research this is one of the most dangerous forms of play and is never considered 100 percent safe. So take special care when engaging. If you are not comfortable with it, do not engage in it. If you have any health risks (from blood pressure issues to a simple cold). Do not take drugs or alcohol while playing. Set up a safe word or signal. Thinking that you can stop the air restriction when the other person passes out is not accurate, it is not a warning sign - death can occur before you pass out. I am CPR trained (I think it is essential for any person operating within this type of environment). Also bare in mind a person's allergies - the latex re-breather hood you may want to try or even the duct tape? Ensure you have no allergies to the materials. Moderation is key here, do not jump right in, start slow, learn about this activity and know the human body. Think before you play…
If you do play and love it, let me know ;) We can discuss our fun! 

Happy New Year!

Posted on Saturday 31st December 2016

So, I am sitting in my massage chair at home with a glass of Bollinger and a little bit of a cold. Nope, unfortunately I am not super woman and the dreaded lurgy is trying to visit me but with my army of garlic, ginger and Night Nurse I am hoping that by tomorrow I will be 100 percent again ;) So no glamorous evening out for me but I will make up for it soon...

It has given me time to reflect on my year though and wow, what a year. I do not think I could have anticipated all that happened (damn those super powers escape me again) but all I can say is that if 2017 is even nearly as eventful, I will be so happy. I try not to focus on negative things and even on sad or bad days I try and turn my day around with something as simple as noticing how pretty the sky is. As this year went on I felt more positive and very much 'in the moment'. When I had a nervous, anxious feeling about doing something new I told myself, I would not be able to tell tales of my time when I am old and wrinkly, if I didn't take a leap. When feeling tired, I asked myself if I would remember how tired I felt 2 weeks later. When receiving session requests that I was not overly excited about, I asked myself if I was a millionaire, would I take the booking? So this year for me, has been about exploration and personal growth. Establishing new boundaries, travelling and meeting new people (some I hope will remain great friends). 

So a lot of you know, Princess Lucina means the world to me - she has always put her complete faith in me, allowed me to test idea's, supports me and generally just accepts me as I am, which can cause her some amusement on my 'stroppy days'. Also, if she doesn't let me do something I do know where she lives... #Iwillbringtheshovel Being invited to the Stockport Dungeon is one of the best things that has happened to me and I am so grateful for it. 

Another lady who has made a big impact on my life is Madame Caramel. The Hoxton Dungeon was recommended to me at the beginning of 2016 and (for those of you who know me well, you know my memory is not very good) I remember walking to the dungeon and when that door opened, I felt  a sense of calm, assurance and positivity,  I knew I had made the right choice. The advice and help MC has given has been wonderful and the laughs we have had are just divine. 

I have met some wonderful Mistresses and friends this year but one of the main reasons I am even here is: the slaves, subs, kinksters (whatever you want to call yourselves). Now I will not name anyone specifically - this would be unfair - some slaves have gone down new paths although something was learnt from the times spent together. Some have stayed in my life throughout my whole Domme journey which makes me so happy - being able to watch someones BDSM journey and be a part of it is very special. There are also new ones, ones who I do not just see as a 'client' but ones who will have a big part in my life. Respect, generosity and enjoyable times - what more could I want?  Good, bad and mediocre boys - thank you for following and being apart of my journey. Be warned in 2017, I will be even stricter with my time so you will have to tick all the boxes ;) 

The travelling I have been able to do this year has been brilliant - Germany, South Africa, France, all over the UK - I have always loved travelling, growing up on a yacht sailing from South Africa to the Caribbean, I think I have missed going to new places. Next year I hope to do more. Mistress Chloe and I have a few ideas for tours in Ireland and Germany so keep your eyes pealed. I will of course be at the Hoxton Dungeon in London regularly and filming will restart perhaps the end of January. I loved filming with Kinky Mistresses and Merciless Dominas and hopefully there will be more in 2017. On my list of places I do have to tick off Romania, LA, Florida (to see my Latex Lara) and the Netherlands. I wonder where else I will end up... I do like an adventure...

Oh and the outfits - I have some of the most beautiful outfits, shoes (yay) and luckily lots of perfume (JM) - Looking through my now rather full wardrobes and 2 shoe cupboards gives me a tingle of excitement - I love things. I love beautiful, sexy, striking, elegant items and so enjoy showing them all off - I am sure there are no objections! Let us see what outfits and images I can put together (Cannot wait to see Purple Tog and Glamourshotz as well as some new 'photo connections') - Keep updated on my Twitter, Instagram and Tumblr. 

So, bring on 2017... I cannot wait to see what the year brings me and for now I am going to watch Suicide Squad. I raise my glass to you all, have fun, be safe - Happy New Year!

MC xxx

Diary of a slave - slave k

Posted on Tuesday 27th December 2016
Slave Diary
An afternoon with Miss Courtney
I struggled down the stairs to the metal doors.  Almost juggling a bouquet of flowers, through fear of damaging them.  They seemed a good idea at the time - but now I was concerned they'd be in no fit shape.
On my route I'd looked at maps and planned things to a tee.  I get very nervous about timekeeping.  It's rude to be either early or late  (and, for good reasons - being late is holding someone up and being early could throw someone who isn't ready for you) and so I'd had a great idea to take a diversion via a florist to get a modest bouquet of flowers.
At first, I didn't like any of them - but pointing to a bunch I saw "had potential", I asked the lady behind the counter to sex them up a bit.  I was pretty impressed with the makeover she gave them.
The walk to the dungeon became further than it seemed, not helped that I missed the turning and had to double back. Regardless. Time was on side.
I knocked. The seconds seemed to last a lot longer. Always a slight nervous doubt.
We'd met before but sometimes I think this has it's own pressure of expectations.
No. No. It'll be fine. We kept in touch after we filmed together the first time for Merciless Dominas, the clip we did together I love and it's a shame it's not on sale yet because I'm pleased with it. But potentially, because I link it to happy memories. I don't know how it stands up in the world of quality femdom cinematography, but I reckon it's OK.
The door opened.
"Hello..." She smiled, "Are those for me?"
I shuffled and stumbled down the step. "Yes, Miss"
"You haven't brought those all the way, have you?"
I almost wish I had, for the epic adventure of taking flowers 148 miles... but given I was concerned about their journey 10 minutes through Stockport...
I can't remember much about going through the corridor towards the dungeon, I remember saying hello to another Mistress and being told that Miss Chloe was beating someone in the other room. There was then a penny drop of course at how close a lot of Mistresses work together. Let this be a reminder that anything you do bad, or good, will travel fast.
Of course I've been in dungeons before - and I recognised the one used by Miss Courtney from photos, the atmosphere here is feisty and firey, it can be a burning hell or a flaming romance.
It's the moment of awe as I'm torn between absorbing in the mystique while being clear I'm paying attention to the conversation.
"5 minutes" She told me.
This was the time I had to get naked, get showered, use the bathroom and be stood to attention.
A shower behind a curtain in the dungeon, a hidden feature.
Time becomes abstract. The want to make sure I am clean, dry and presentable and the want to make sure to be ready within the time limit.
I'm stood, to attention. Waiting. Probably not dry properly.
OK. I'll rush and pat myself again.
Do I need to go to the toilet again? Do I have time? No, you should. Yet again.
And She returns - and there is the sigh of excitement, ready to begin.
The plan was to start with some filming to help Her test out some new lights. "What would you like to film," She asked, "Anything you like?"
Of course I have ideas of things I'd like to film. Lists of them.  But, sometimes it's a tougher question than you'd think!  I'd not wanted to take anything away from private time, either as an activity or something which would cause problems, but arrgh.
The choices, however, were perfect.  She was wearing boots I had bought her as a birthday and thank you present.
So, we filmed boot worship - and trampling.  
There's a certain majesty to the boot worship.  The background dungeon music set for an almost dramatic and dynamic beginning - I was so sensitive already. Every stroke along my chest left me tingling and gasping and I felt myself drifting into a submission very early. Any doubts I'd had were long gone, this was a descent into submission.
The trampling goes back to the first time we met. One of the last things She said to me as time ran out was "We will meet again and we will do trampling" - and - that to me meant a lot.
The camera then halts, the lights go off. It's suddenly a lot darker. The atmosphere oozes and we delve into private play.
The next 2 hours we venture on a journey, ranging from sensual play, to caning and whipping, a reward of foot worship - and Miss Courtney *really* embraces foot worship... and... from nowhere, with the softest of touches - time and space opens up.
It's been a while. Too long.  Subspace had been evading me and it's lack of arrival had been frustrating me... but today, from nowhere.. and that's not the end of the day.
Like all good things. There has to be an end. As we depart and say our farewells, which is almost as unglamourous as the stagger down the stairs, as a fumble at the train station and a generous guard who lets me through without checking my tickets.  The subspace really hadn't worn off.
The energy afterwards had so much to say, but so little time to say it. But, this is merely the sign of a charged and energetic afternoon.
This whole meeting was one that had come about through a roll of circumstances at short notice.  Perhaps we'll have more notice before we next meet, or perhaps it'll be a don't know when, where or how.
But.  It's bound to be exciting.

Diary of a slave - slave m

Posted on Sunday 18th December 2016

My Journey Into slavery


From as early as I can remember I have always felt submissive to Females. Then one evening while watching TV I came across a documentary on Fetish which opened up a whole new world to me. This new world little did I know then was to become a HUGE part of my life.

Following my discovery of the Fetish Scene I decided to take the plunge and within the week I had purchased my first fetish outfit and had spoken to some shop assistants about the club scene in London who gave me the reassurance to try it.

The temptation was too much and I barely waited a week before my bag was packed and I headed into London to attend my first ever fetish club and to begin my adventure and as it was to become my new lifestyle.

The evening was a huge eye opener to me and much to my surprise my nerves had gone completely after less than an hour of being inside. What I see inside the club I knew was for me instantly of that I had no doubt.

What took me even more by surprise was the fact after only a couple of hours I was experiencing my first ‘playing’. I came away that evening having been on a cross for the first time and I had my first experiences of boot/shoe and foot worship. Everyone had been so nice and once back at the hotel I knew it wouldn’t be long before I was back again.

My thoughts had been correct and a week later I was back again at another club doing it all again. More outfits, more clubs more nice people and more playing. My journey had most definitely begun.

Little did I know that my submissive life was going to change though. It’s one thing to go to a club or a private party and play but I soon learnt that it was just ‘fun’ and that’s fine to the slaves that want that but I realised it wasn’t enough for me and that it was just as much for me as it was the Mistress.

I was able to just cut any scene off when I left the club if I wanted too and that to me didn’t feel like true slavery in my eyes at least.

I spoke to several people about how I felt and pretty much was told its great you want more and you will know if you ever find that person.

To be honest I just thought that was just a cheesy saying and I didn’t really believe it so just carried on where I left off , clubbing every weekend but now I was coming away (although still having a great time) less fulfilled as it was no longer enough.

I was still enjoying being submissive and going out with new found friends and I tried several new things along the way.

In 2016 my world changed. A visit to one of the regular Fem Dom clubs in London I was standing chatting having a drink with friends and out of the corner of my eye a truly beautiful lady walked past who didn’t just shine beauty but utter Dominance and my stomach literally flipped.

As the night went on I wasn’t good company to anyone trying to talk to me as I just needed to find out this Mistresses name and I was desperate to say hello. I will never interrupt if someone looks busy so I patiently waited. Much to my utter dismay I never got to say hello and I went home feeling so sad and annoyed at myself for not trying harder.

The next few days were spent trying to find out if this Mistress had a website but where to start I had no name just this image in my head of someone that had already made me feel like no one else ever had even without talking to her !

Then bang it was like a lottery win I had found it the mystery Mistresses website and she was Mistress Courtney. I literally jumped around the room because now at the very least I could say hello. I set about writing an e-mail and as I hit send I sat back and held my breath. I wasn’t sure any Mistress would ever have time to just say hello so as pleased as I was to have found Mistress I was worried I wouldn’t hear back.

Then there it was sitting in my mailbox a reply from Mistress Courtney. My heart skipped a beat and that same feeling I had in the club was back. I excitedly opened the e-mail and began reading. A truly lovely reply that I read 10 times over.

Over the next weeks we exchanged e-mails and finally met up in session which was amazing (I may write all about that in another Blog).

So that brings us to present day. Remember that saying that I thought was ‘cheesy’ when I was told ‘you will know when you meet that person’. It wasn’t a saying at all it was totally true. I felt totally different towards Mistress Courtney as I had done anywhere previously and I knew instantly Mistress was indeed the one that I wanted to give my all to.

My slavery now is totally devoted to Mistress Courtney and her alone I think about her 24-7 quite literally. Each Morning , Day and Night I am thinking what I can do next to please Mistress. Mistress Courtneys needs come before mine every time.

My slavery has changed since those early days and it means so much more now and I wouldn’t have it any other way.

To Be Continued………


Wishlist Love

Posted on Saturday 17th December 2016

When I first started as a Domme a few years ago I do not think I quite realised just how much I would fall I love with what I do. At the time it was an exciting new venture that sounded more interesting than sitting in front of a computer screen, teaching or organising an 18th birthday party. Very quickly I realised that I had a knack for this. Sometimes I am not quite sure as to what it is I do that makes my sessions seem to work, but I do know that my need for perfection and a focus that ensures the client leaves with a very large smile on his or her face, certainly makes a difference!
I remember setting up my wishlist on Amazon. I added all sorts of things and I remember sitting there thinking there was no way anyone would buy this stuff for me. When anyone starts out as a Domme, I think it I a slow process that with exposure, reviews and knowledge slowly grows. I have loved my journey over the past few years - the reason I am writing this? Well I came home from my London tour to find a mountain of parcels waiting for me. My neighbours must think I am a shopaholic! I sat in my living room, unwrapped the beautiful gifts and felt such a sense of joy, excitement and even a little overwhelmed. I always say to any of my followers, it is not the price of the gift, but the thought that counts. I LOVE that someone wants to surprise me, spend their hard earned cash on me, to spoil me. From socks to dsigner handbags - there is no more exciting feeling than getting that unexpected gift. As always I will sit over he next few days writing my thank you's and sending images and video's to show those devoted boys what they have contributed to - my wonderful, amazing life.

Enjoy your evening and spoil those ladies whenever you can, you may just turn their mediocre day into a special one.

MC x

Get involved :)

Posted on Friday 11th November 2016

Hello my lovely followers!


I am planning to invest in new equipment for my filming activities as I want to provide the best quality clips I am able to. I am giving you the opportunity to help with this purchase so if you wish to make your Mistress exceedingly happy and get a reward then read on ...


Here are the Rewards I am offering in return for Amazon vouchers or tributes:


1. Amazon vouchers of £10 - £35: you may choose any clip from my store.


2. Amazon vouchers of £35.99 to £49.99: you may order a custom clip (within reason; see conditions below)  of 5 minutes.


3. Amazon vouchers of £50 and over: you will receive a custom clip and any one of my clips (under 7 minutes) that you may have had your eye on. 


4. For Amazon vouchers over £150 a custom clip will be sent to you as well as 5 clips of your choice.


5. For Amazon vouchers over £250 you will receive a free 30-minute session at the Stockport Dungeon plus a custom clip as well as 5 clips of your choice.


So, assist your Mistress in Her purchase and get your very own special present from Her! 


For any questions, please contact Me here: courtneymorganuk@gmail.com


Mistress Courtney xx



- Clips may be chosen from www.clips4sale.com/97973

- Custom clips will not include nudity or sexual activities on My part. Pure FemDomme content so please see my fetish likes on my website. JOI is acceptable. 

- Custom clips for tributes under £100 will not include a slave. They will be filmed with Me and either in a domestic or dungeon setting.

- Custom clips will not be longer than 15 minutes unless stated otherwise.

- If you have an idea for a custom clip that you feel I may not accept, then send Me an email to discuss.

- Please do not expect your clip to be filmed, watermarked and sent within a few days; you will receive the footage as soon as I can get it to you.

- If you would prefer to send your tribute via bank transfer here are the details: Barclays, Name: Morgan, Account: 20985821, Sort: 202536


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